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Antique Art Deco c1913 Claire Volkhart Schwarzburger German Figurine Group
Price: $1,895.00

Signed and dated on the side of the base as shown. Excellent original condition without chips, cracks or repairs and a rare rare example by Claire Volkhart.

Item#: 1708-5

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Antique Art Nouveau Carlsbad Karlsbad Austrian Porcelain Leaves Cup Saucer
Price: $45.00

Figural Carlsbad Austrian porcelain cup and saucer in leaves decorations. Great glaze and gilt highlights, in somewhat of a majolica style. Gold interior with figural leaves and florals.

Item#: 17169999

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Antique German Furstenberg Porcelain 18c Hand Painted Scenic Bowl Vase
Price: $1,550.00

Fantastic mid/late 18c porcelain bowl by Furstenberg....this is a great deal. All hand painted and in overall very good original condition with just a few small chips to the base as you might expect.

Item#: 913skm-1360a

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Antique KPM Lithophane Porcelain Plaque in Stained Glass Surround Frame
Price: $295.00

Dates to the late 19th century and the detail is incredible on this. The facial features are amazing, please see the photographs. Very three dimensional and marked KPM as shown.

Item#: 1720-4a

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Antique Meissen Hand Painted Rothschild Porcelain Birds Butterflies 19c SET Plates/Bowls Tureens
Price: $4,950.00

This is a rather large set dating to the mid 19th century, and all hand painted in a Rothschild style pattern. It consists of 8- 9 3/4" bowls, 7- 10 1/4" plates, a large 13 1/4" covered tureen, another domed tureen that is about 12" diameter, a big 11" open bowl, and 4 smaller 8" handle to handle covered bowls/tureens.

Item#: 613gr-2

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Antique Royal Vienna Austrian Porcelain Vase
Price: $299.00

Dating to late 19th century and is a fine Austrian pedestal vase/bolted urn. Artist signed Herr and painted with muse/maidens and cupids. Signed and titled on base with beehive mark and "Amor und Muse".

Item#: 912gw-3

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Antique Royal Vienna Imperial Porcelain Hand Painted Achilles Baptism Plate 19c
Price: $1,495.00

This is a hand painted portrait plate of Achilles being baptized. The porcelain dates to the early 19th century and is in excellent condition. The border and decorations are fantastic and super finely detailed.

Item#: 413axl-1b

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Art Nouveau KPM Berlin Porcelain Hand Painted Gilt Plates Set of 8
Price: $599.00

Very good overall condition, great to use, and dating to sometime around c1900. Very nice hand gilt trellis and vine design all around with a raised design in relief.

Item#: 213co-3

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Art Nouveau Royal Dux Vase Porcelain China Figural Pottery Iris Relief Antique
Price: $299.00

Super 13 1/2" Royal Dux signed vase with gilt hand painted iris' in relief. Great figural forms in relief. Marked on base. Excellent original condition. Solid and heavy.

Item#: 912drk

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Augarten Wien Franz Von Zulow Art Deco Hand Painted Porcelain Vase
Price: $2,975.00

Very large at 12" tall and about 7 1/2" diameter at its widest. Very period decorations with geometrics and almost abstract cubist decorations.

Item#: nyig-3

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Dressel Kister & Cie German Porcelain Figural Group Figurine c1900
Price: $379.00

Great figural group dating to about c1900, very solid and finely detailed. Features a beautiful lady with pigeons. Measures about 8 3/4" tall and 4 5/8" diameter across base.

Item#: 213skm

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German Porcelain Foo Dog Bracket Shelf BIG c1810
Price: $795.00

At least 200 years old and most likely of Dresden or Volkstedt make and is very likely to be 18c from the Chinoiserie influenced era. Very large at 12 3/4" tall and 12 3/4" across the back of the wooden top, 7" deep.

Item#: ne89-155a

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KPM German Porcelain Hand Painted and Gilt Plate c1845
Price: $329.00

This is a fabulous hand painted plate from KPM and dating to about c1845. Super fine hand painted detailing, and in excellent original condition.

Item#: 113sk-2

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Meissen Bacchus German Porcelain Figurine c1740
Price: $3,350.00

Great early 13" Meissen porcelain figurine that is only stamped with a "39" on base and no visible crossed swords, but is absolutely guaranteed early Meissen.

Item#: bun1a

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Meissen German Porcelain Portrait Plate Bowl c1790
Price: $1,200.00

From the Marcolini period c1790 and absolutely stellar condition. Amazingly detailed portrait center medallion featuring a pastoral scene with fantastic color and fineness.

Item#: 1806-293

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Meissen Porcelain Venus Nude Cherub Group Eberlein/Kaendler Figurine on Plinth
Price: $3,250.00

Great early antique Meissen figurine dating to about c1741, and modeled by Eberlein, and possibly Kaendler. Marked on base as shown and a rather scarce example.

Item#: bun-1

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Old Paris Porcelain Hand Painted Roses Gilt Cup and Saucer
Price: $59.00

Dating to about c1850 and nice for use or display. Lots of hand painted gilt and roses. Neither piece has a formal mark, but there is an incised "8".

Item#: 8909q

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Porcelain Tray Candlestick Box SET 4PC Mosaic Hand Painted German China
Price: $445.00

Great tray, candlestick, and box set. Excellent condition and completely hand painted and decorated.

Item#: 912lut

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Royal Vienna Austria Porcelain China Hand Painted Cup Saucer c1825
Price: $695.00

Super c1825 era true Royal Vienna cup and saucer with fantastic hand painted chicken. There are no chips or cracks.

Item#: 1993

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Royal Vienna Imperial Porcelain China Set Pitcher Creamer Powder Box
Price: $249.00

Over 200 years old and showing some age with repaired handles and lid/rims as shown. These are authentic late 18c Imperial Vienna porcelain and were probably part of a tea or vanity set.

Item#: 413co-1

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Royal Vienna Imperial Porcelain Gilt Austrian China Urn Vase Neoclassical Centerpiece 1825
Price: $2,940.00

This is Old Vienna Keiserliche Fabrik (Imperial factory). Blue under glaze beehive (Bindenschild) and years 1816 and 1824, not uncommon for white porcelain to be produced within the span of several years, stored and then decorated for the market (even cups and saucers made in Vienna have different impressed years.

Item#: 1973

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Royal Vienna Imperial Porcelain Hand Painted Europa Portrait Plate c1820
Price: $4,500.00

Fantastic early 19th century Vienna porcelain plate that looks to be in excellent original condition and without chip, crack or repair. Extremely fine hand painted scene of "Europa" on bull with great raised gilt border.

Item#: 413axl-1

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Super Schwarzburger Werkstatte Peacock Figurine 29" HUGE
Price: $3,495.00

Top quality on this rare 28 1/2" Schwarzburger peacock figurine statue that dates to the 1920s. Some of the finest, and in this case, largest, German porcelain that exists.

Item#: 1584-1

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