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Royal Doulton Hand Painted Elegant FLOWER Dinner Plates
Price: $1,695.00

These are artist signed and of the best quality. Super fine hand painting as I hope you can see.

Item#: 1694a

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Royal Doulton Hand Painted Porcelain China Dinner or Cabinet Plate
Price: $79.00

Absolutely one of the finest Royal Doulton plates I have had. Great colorful floral decorations with gilt. Marked as photographed on back. Measures about 10 3/8" diameter.

Item#: 712ne-2

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Royal Vienna Austria Porcelain China Hand Painted Cup Saucer c1825
Price: $695.00

Super c1825 era true Royal Vienna cup and saucer with fantastic hand painted chicken. There are no chips or cracks.

Item#: 1993

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Royal Vienna Imperial Porcelain China Set Pitcher Creamer Powder Box
Price: $249.00

Over 200 years old and showing some age with repaired handles and lid/rims as shown. These are authentic late 18c Imperial Vienna porcelain and were probably part of a tea or vanity set.

Item#: 413co-1

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Royal Vienna Imperial Porcelain Gilt Austrian China Urn Vase Neoclassical Centerpiece 1825
Price: $2,940.00

This is Old Vienna Keiserliche Fabrik (Imperial factory). Blue under glaze beehive (Bindenschild) and years 1816 and 1824, not uncommon for white porcelain to be produced within the span of several years, stored and then decorated for the market (even cups and saucers made in Vienna have different impressed years.

Item#: 1973

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Royal Vienna Imperial Porcelain Hand Painted Europa Portrait Plate c1820
Price: $4,500.00

Fantastic early 19th century Vienna porcelain plate that looks to be in excellent original condition and without chip, crack or repair. Extremely fine hand painted scene of "Europa" on bull with great raised gilt border.

Item#: 413axl-1

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Royal Worcester China Porcelain Jeweled Elegant Cabinet Plate W8652
Price: $88.00

A fabulous Royal Worcester plate that is hand decorated and jeweled. Overall excellent condition with just light stacking wear to jewels mostly on one area of rim as photographed.

Item#: 1984-1a

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Sevres French Porcelain Figural Bust Urn Vase c1886
Price: $1,895.00

I think this is great. Figural bust shoulders with ormolu protrusions. The lid has a repair, but otherwise appears in excellent condition.

Item#: 513km

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Sevres Porcelain Bust Sculpture of Napoleon Signed/Dated
Price: $750.00

Great example of hand modeled porcelain from Sevres. Amazing quality and detail.

Item#: 213skm-1

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Super Schwarzburger Werkstatte Peacock Figurine 29" HUGE
Price: $3,495.00

Top quality on this rare 28 1/2" Schwarzburger peacock figurine statue that dates to the 1920s. Some of the finest, and in this case, largest, German porcelain that exists.

Item#: 1584-1

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Vintage Fine Modern Sevres Porcelain Gilt China Bowl Vase Signed Dated c1946
Price: $1,145.00

Very unusual Sevres porcelain bowl with very modern design in gilt, brown, turquoise and white. This measures about 6 3/8" diameter and 4" in height. This looks like it has been touched up in spots as I captured in the photographs. I have never seen an example such as this.

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