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20" Antique Moser Bohemian Enameled Raised Gilt Enamel Glass Vase
Price: $995.00

Huge 20" tall example by Moser. Super fine hand painting and raised gilt design as photographed.

Item#: 2055-3

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Antique Moser Bohemian Glass Floor Oil Lamp Persian Enameled
Price: $3,350.00

This is monumental. It measures 63" tall as it sits, the base is 15" diameter, and the oil bulb being about 7 1/2" diameter. All this needs is a font/burner and its ready to light up. The decorations are fantastic and in a Moorish/Persian influenced design. Bright gilt with colored enamel florals and highlights with raised enameled designs. Both designs match on bulb and base.

Shipping to be determined.

Item#: nat-15sy

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Bohemian Amethyst Glass Covered Urn Vase Pokal
Price: $799.00

This dates to the early 19th century and is either Bohemian or English. Considering it is about 200 years old it is in good shape with a few chips to the base edges as shown in the photographs and a few miscellaneous small flecks, but overall very nice.

Item#: 1657-8

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Bohemian Blue Agate Glass Rose Sprinkler 18c
Price: $320.00

I have never seen another example such as this. Guaranteed to date to the 18th century and with a deep agate type glass, not quite Egermann lithyalin.

Item#: jse5

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Bohemian Blue Opaline Gilt Glass Perfume Scent Bottle
Price: $675.00

Fantastic paneled and gilt decorated Bohemian perfume bottle dating to the early 19th century. Cut and polished ovals which were then finely hand decorated as photographed.

Item#: 2047-2

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Bohemian Cased/Cut Blue Overlay Glass Chalice Goblet Wine
Price: $670.00

Very large at about 9 1/8" tall. Very unique with a pale blue casing over white. The top was cut back to expose the white and then gilt giving a three dimensional leaf pattern.

Item#: ebp2

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Bohemian Clear Cobalt Paneled Cased Glass Vase c1865
Price: $650.00

Just a hair under 15" tall and rather unusual decorations with blue cased panels on clear body. Elegant gold highlights which accent the overall decorations.

Item#: 1826-2

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Bohemian Czech Moser Elegant Jeweled Glass Mantle Lusters Lamp c1900
Price: $695.00

I have never had a pair like this...these are about 9" tall but more impact than most as they have a fantastic look and presence. They are cut and faceted from top to bottom and then the hanging prisms are jeweled with small colored glass beads.

Item#: ne191

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Bohemian Deep Ruby Red Cut Faceted Enamel Glass Vase c1840
Price: $120.00

Great c1840 era deep ruby Bohemian glass faceted and cut vase. Some faded platinum and gilt decorations, but still a great early example.

Item#: 312ne-1a

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Bohemian Egermann Enameled Amber Glass Beer Stem Tumblers
Price: $295.00

Very nice pair of 19th century beer glasses in excellent original condition. These are finely enameled and I believe by Egermann.

Item#: 2007-1093b

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Bohemian Franz Pohl Pink Caned Latticino Glass Vase
Price: $1,295.00

I believe this is by Franz Pohl or Pfohl, and dates to about c1860. A stellar large example in excellent condition.

Item#: 1983

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Bohemian Glass SPA Etched Decanter c1860
Price: $159.00

Very unusual decanter very finely etched with 6 Bohemian Spa's as shown. Stained coloration on ribbed body. Very heavy....rather massive.

Item#: 9999az

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