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Bohemian Glass Triple Cased Perfume Scent Bottle Enamel Cranberry c1845
Price: $799.00

Fantastic mid 19th century Bohemian cased and cut perfume/scent bottle with great cutback blue on white enamel/glasses on cranberry glasses.

Item#: 2034-3

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Bohemian HOT Pink Cased Overlay Glass Vase/Bowl
Price: $359.00

Great 150 or so years old cased glass vase/bowl. Excellent displayable condition and in a rare color. There is one very small chip or burst bubble to the rim of the casing as photographed up close.

Item#: 1711-2

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Bohemian Hot Pink Red Enamel Overlay Glass Vase
Price: $650.00

Super hard to find color on this 12" tall enamel overlay glass vase. Gilt and hand cut panels in gothic style. Very heavy and solid.

Item#: 1790-535

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Bohemian Moser 12" Enamel Overlay Ornate Hand Painted Gilt Glass Vase c1870
Price: $749.00

Stellar 12 1/8" glass vase with alternating panels of gilt decorations with glass overlay that is cut back. Excellent condition without chip or crack.

Item#: 2014-3

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Bohemian Moser Cased Persian Enamel Glass Decanter Bottle
Price: $1,950.00

Fantastic cased and cut early Bohemian glass bottle made for the Persian market. Dating to about c1860 and with extremely fine decorations.

Item#: 2034-4a

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Bohemian Moser Cranberry Cased Enamel Cut Back Gothic Compote Vase
Price: $470.00

Great 150 or so year old Bohemian enamel and cranberry glass cased compote. Great cutting and design. Has a polished chip to base as photographed, and a teeny tiny chip to a point which is expected, but is otherwise very nice for display.

Item#: 2034-d

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Bohemian Moser Glass Cased Mantle Luster Unusual Double Overlay
Price: $399.00

Super hot red double cased and cut back base with gilt veining and decorations. Truly excellent condition with a few very small insignificant flake chips to the base. Great color.

Item#: 1827-14

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Bohemian MOSER Raised Enamel Bird Eagle Falcon Wine Glass Stem Tazza Compote
Price: $199.00

Excellent original condition and rare example with an eagle/hawk in colored and raised enamels amongst clouds of gold

Item#: 1998-15

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Bohemian Stained Glass Compote Transparent Enamel Art Nouveau Pair
Price: $795.00

Great pair of stained flower form (poppy?) stained glass compotes in excellent condition.

Item#: 1909-7c

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Bohemian Theresienthal Cased Red Opaline Parcel Gilt Wine Glass Stem
Price: $219.00

Great deep scarlet red opaline cased wine glass with parcel gilt decorations with an arabic influenced design. Very heavy and solid. Hand made, decorated, and cut. Measures about 6 1/2" tall and 3 5/8" diameter. The base has a tight and small polished pontil mark as photographed.

Item#: 1642-15

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Ceska Czech Cut Crystal Grand Renaissance Large Wine Glass Stem
Price: $39.00

Excellent original condition, signed on the base "Ceska" and in the Grand Renaissance pattern. Sharply cut and of very fine quality.

Item#: 9x9y

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Cranberry Bohemian Cut Glass Bowl Vase
Price: $375.00

This is a rare example dating to the early 19th century and it is in excellent displayable condition.....ca.1830. Lots of work went into this as they fineness of the cutting is readily apparent. It is rare to find such an example as this. Great cut geometrics and wavy design to the exterior while the rim is super finely cut.

Item#: ne89-79mg

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