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Cranberry Rossler Bohemian Enamel Gilt Cameo Glass Tumbler Vase Cup
Price: $119.00

Great Rossler ribbed cranberry glass tumbler with enameled figure and fine gilt background and rims. Measures about 4" tall and a bit over 2 3/4" diameter.

Item#: 2007-1093aa

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Fantastic Antique Bohemian Engraved Lion Attack Glass Pitcher c1850
Price: $895.00

Absolutely stunning carving and detailing on the large 13 3/4" tall Bohemian pitcher that features a lion attacking a horse. About 6 3/4" diameter. A hunter is trying to set his sights amongst the brush/foliage which is super finely detailed. A truly amazing quality

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Huge Moser Bohemian Cranberry to Green Glass Vase Gold Relief Gilt 16"
Price: $379.00

This is a fabulously nice hard to find example. Graduates from a deep cranberry/burgundy to green and is painted with raised gilt decorations as photographed.

Item#: 913skm-916c

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Loetz Phanomen Gre 7501 Iridescent Art Nouveau Glass Vase
Price: $895.00

Great feathering and fine example of Loetz's fine Art Nouveau work. Super tight striations with nice even work on dimpled body with flared rim.

Item#: cla-4

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Moser Blue Opaline Coralene Glass Pitcher Jug
Price: $895.00

This is a very rare example dating to the 19th century. This style of coralene with the thick gilt and accenting blue enamels are quite rare.

Item#: eby1

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Moser Bohemian Signed Art Glass Vase Plaque Center Bowl
Price: $159.00

Great signed Moser concave plate measuring 12" diameter. Has a very interesting yellow striping as shown. Looks like a yellow within amethyst tinted glass.

Item#: 513skm-3

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Moser Peach Opalescent Glass Vase with Enamel Cherub Decorations
Price: $445.00

Very elegant refined example that is a very rare find in this color. A stellar quality example with bold enamels on a fine and rare ribbed opalescent glass.

Item#: 312cc

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Secessionist Bohemian Meyrs Neff Enamel Wine Glass c1905
Price: $1,250.00

This has a Lobmeyr monogram scratched in the bottom, but I believe it is Meyrs Neff and dates to about c1905. Looks very similar to several Josef Hoffman designs, and is absolutely alongside his design.

Item#: 1901

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