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Bohemian HOT Pink Cased Overlay Glass Vase/Bowl
Price: $359.00

Great 150 or so years old cased glass vase/bowl. Excellent displayable condition and in a rare color. There is one very small chip or burst bubble to the rim of the casing as photographed up close.

Item#: 1711-2

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Bohemian Hot Pink Red Enamel Overlay Glass Vase
Price: $650.00

Super hard to find color on this 12" tall enamel overlay glass vase. Gilt and hand cut panels in gothic style. Very heavy and solid.

Item#: 1790-535

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Bohemian Moser 12" Enamel Overlay Ornate Hand Painted Gilt Glass Vase c1870
Price: $749.00

Stellar 12 1/8" glass vase with alternating panels of gilt decorations with glass overlay that is cut back. Excellent condition without chip or crack.

Item#: 2014-3

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Bohemian Moser Cased Persian Enamel Glass Decanter Bottle
Price: $1,950.00

Fantastic cased and cut early Bohemian glass bottle made for the Persian market. Dating to about c1860 and with extremely fine decorations.

Item#: 2034-4a

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Bohemian Moser Cranberry Cased Enamel Cut Back Gothic Compote Vase
Price: $470.00

Great 150 or so year old Bohemian enamel and cranberry glass cased compote. Great cutting and design. Has a polished chip to base as photographed, and a teeny tiny chip to a point which is expected, but is otherwise very nice for display.

Item#: 2034-d

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Bohemian Moser Glass Cased Mantle Luster Unusual Double Overlay
Price: $399.00

Super hot red double cased and cut back base with gilt veining and decorations. Truly excellent condition with a few very small insignificant flake chips to the base. Great color.

Item#: 1827-14

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Bohemian MOSER Raised Enamel Bird Eagle Falcon Wine Glass Stem Tazza Compote
Price: $199.00

Excellent original condition and rare example with an eagle/hawk in colored and raised enamels amongst clouds of gold

Item#: 1998-15

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Bohemian Stained Glass Compote Transparent Enamel Art Nouveau Pair
Price: $795.00

Great pair of stained flower form (poppy?) stained glass compotes in excellent condition.

Item#: 1909-7c

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Bohemian Theresienthal Cased Red Opaline Parcel Gilt Wine Glass Stem
Price: $219.00

Great deep scarlet red opaline cased wine glass with parcel gilt decorations with an arabic influenced design. Very heavy and solid. Hand made, decorated, and cut. Measures about 6 1/2" tall and 3 5/8" diameter. The base has a tight and small polished pontil mark as photographed.

Item#: 1642-15

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Boston Sandwich Cut and Engraved Glass Pitcher
Price: $895.00

Absolutely a fantastic engraved glass jug....amazing foliage and peacock decorations. I would say this is the nicest I have had. I also say that this reminds me of an amazing bowl I saw that was on very thick glass and it was by an artist named Fritsche(best piece of glass I ever saw)

Item#: 2007-1063e

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c1930's Fratelli Toso Murano Onyx Gold Art Glass Vase
Price: $1,295.00

Great vase measuring about 10" tall and in excellent original condition. I have never had such a vase with the onyx type mottled decors.

Item#: 510bf-7

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Ceska Czech Cut Crystal Grand Renaissance Large Wine Glass Stem
Price: $39.00

Excellent original condition, signed on the base "Ceska" and in the Grand Renaissance pattern. Sharply cut and of very fine quality.

Item#: 9x9y

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