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M.C. Stith Antiques

Fantastic Antique Bohemian Engraved Lion Attack Glass Pitcher c1850
Price: $895.00

Absolutely stunning carving and detailing on the large 13 3/4" tall Bohemian pitcher that features a lion attacking a horse. About 6 3/4" diameter. A hunter is trying to set his sights amongst the brush/foliage which is super finely detailed. A truly amazing quality

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Flemish Art Burnt Wood Cabinet Box
Price: $179.00

This could be used for a multitude of things and is a nice piece of folk art. Features the Bohemian smoking monk theme with oak leaves on vine decorated on the sides. I think it originally had a shelf in it, so it could be used as a medicine cabinet or smoking cabinet.

Item#: 1727-3

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French Baccarat Gilt Blue Opaline Perfume Scent Bottle
Price: $895.00

At least dating to the Napoleon III era and in excellent physical condition without chips or damages. The golding does show age wear but what remains is fantastic.

Item#: ebp-1

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French Baccarat Glass Pitcher Jug Gilt Blue c1900
Price: $129.00

Great blue color with clear applied glass handle. I am sure this dates to last quarter of 19th century. Gilt fleur de lis decorations as shown.

Item#: 2034-6

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French Blue Opaline Glass Perfume Bottle w/ Snake Gilt and Enameled
Price: $899.00

Dating to the 19th century and overall in very good condition with just a few flakes to the rim of the van dyke cut top. Measures about 9 5/8" tall and 4 7/8" diameter across the body....very large for a scent bottle.


Item#: 10fbf-8a

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French Blue Opaline Glass Perfume Scent Bottle c1850
Price: $399.00

Fantastic coloration on this mid 19th century continental perfume/scent bottle.....a super vibrant blue. Very fine gilt and enameled decorations also.

Item#: 2047-2a

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French Cameo Cased Cut Gilt Glass Box with Bust on LID
Price: $179.00

Excellent original condition and about 100 years old and French...most likely Daum.

Item#: 112je-5

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French Galle Enamel Citron Glass Vase
Price: $770.00

Fabulous blue enamel Art Nouveau decorations applied and cased citron glass.

Item#: 2007-1046a

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French Green Opaline Glass Perfume Scent Bottle
Price: $450.00

About 150 years old and overall excellent condition and is without chips, cracks or repair. A good sized example at about 7" tall and 3 1/4" diameter.

Item#: 1897-9

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French Green Opaline Parcel Gilt Glass Tray Decanter Bottle Drink Set 19c
Price: $995.00

Best ever 19c green opaline bottle and tray. Fabulous gilt period decorations and overall condition....some gilt rubbing visible mostly to the tray's center, but absolutely no chips, cracks or repairs to either. This is at least 160 or so years old. The tray is about 11" diameter and the bottle is about 8 3/4" tall.

Item#: 1917-219

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French Iridescent Pottery Victorian Miniature Cabinet Vase c1880
Price: $129.00

Great iridescent French miniature pottery cabinet vase that reminds me of Clement Massier, but with a Victorian flair. Fabulous displayable condition and extremely high quality.

Item#: dl-5

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French Mont Joye Legras Enamel Painted Glass Basket Bowl Vase
Price: $649.00

Excellent condition and measuring about 8" diameter and 3 1/2" to top of handle, or 2 1/2" to bowl rim. Finely enameled florals and gilt trim on heavy crystal glass.

Item#: 1998-12

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